Star Patrol

Star Patrol is the back bone of the Galactic Federation’s security forces, providing armed patrols and reassurance to the thousands of planets across the frontier and core worlds. Star Patrol is more than just an interplanetary police force. Star Patrol cutters are fast enough and carry enough weapons and armor to respond to all but the most serious incursions by rival space empires. Furthermore, Star Patrol is routinely dispatched to explore recently discovered worlds, examine scientific anomalies, and establish first contact with alien civilizations.

Because of their varied missions, Star Patrol officers are drawn from a wide array of backgrounds, races, and disciplines. The ten man crews of the basic Star Patrol cutter are expected to be self-contained rapid response teams able to handle whatever the galaxy throws at them.

Star Patrol is part of the Ministry of Galactic Security and reports to the Governor for Security. The current Governor for Secruity is a Krixxian named Kleth-gnu-krak and the Commandant of the Star Patrol is Valrean Jarl, an Alairan.

Star Patrol is organized as a naval service with ranks following the ancient Terran traditions. Most cutters are commanded by Lieutenant Commanders or Lieutenants with a Lieutenant (JG) or Ensign serving as first officer. Star Patrol Ranks

The men and women of Star Patrol are known as Space Rangers.

Star Patrol

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