Sissith Officer

You would have been like us if it weren’t for a stupid meteor. – Common Sissith expression

The Sissith, a reptilian species, was the first space faring civilization encountered by the Human/Alairan Alliance. Originating on a planet blessed with a lush, tropical climate, the Sissith are remarkably strong and agile. At the time of first contact, Sissith technology had reached a level approximately equal to that of late Twentieth Century Earth.

Sissith are much more fertile than Humans or Alairans with a mature female able to lay a brood of ten to twelve eggs every year. While on average only two or three of the hatchlings from each brood will reach maturity, the resulting population growth pushed the resources of the Sissith home world to the breaking point. Interstellar exploration and colonization became an imperative that the Sissith had to meet even without faster than light propulsion systems.

The Sissith built massive but unsophisticated colony ships and launched them towards the M Class stars in their stellar neighborhood. The Sissith knew that because of the distances involved, they’d only learn that a colony had been established decades after the colonists’ departure. It was a desperate gamble, and although dozens of colony ships have never been heard from, it paid off in the establishment of three Sissith colonies light years from the home world.

First contact between Sissith and Humans occurred when a Sissith colony ship landed on Algol III, the site of a recently established Human settlement. On discovering that their intended new home was inhabited by “trespassers”, the leaders of the Sissith expedition armed all of the thousands of Sissith aboard the transport and launched a savage assault on the Human village. The unarmed and unprepared Humans were only able to survive the assault thanks to the timely intervention of a Space Patrol Cutter.

For years Humans and Sissith were locked in a war of attrition. No Human settlement on the Sissith frontier was safe from the sudden arrival of a Sissith colony ship that had been launched decades before the war had even started. Meanwhile, Human and Alairan ships would interdict the Sissith home world in the hopes of preventing more ships from being launched. Human commanders attempted to launch a few commando style raids on Sissith installations, but they were typically repulsed with massive casualties.

Sisssith Warriors

The tipping point of the war came with the Sissith attack on Cityship Gratitude in 2235. The Sissith captain rammed her colony ship into the Gratitude and swarms of Sissith warriors clambered through the hull breach. Lord Carlstanzul, commanding the cityship, was only able to keep it from falling to the Sissith by ordering its destruction. Until this attack, the Sissith colony commanders had ignored the Alairan space stations orbiting the worlds they invaded. After this attack, the Alairans stopped advocating a moderate response to the Sissith. Without consulting their Human allies, the Alairans launched an all out orbital bombardment of the Sissith colony on Sansix.

All three races were shocked by the savage turn the war had taken as radioactive death fell on Sansix. By the middle of 2236, a truce had been negotiated. Not long after the cease fire went into effect, Human and Alairan scientists were working with their Sissith counterparts to find new worlds suitable for Sissith habitation. In 2250, the Sissith entered into a formal alliance with the Humans and Alairans, but wouldn’t enter into joint government until the Galactic Federation was established in 2326.

As a Federation member race, the Sissith are active participants in civil and governmental affairs. Sissith warriors are highly regarded ground combatants and Sissith Space Marine regiments are used as Federation shock troops.

Since the Peace of 2236, the Sissith have used a unique form of population control. All Sissith females are expected to leave Sisstith colonies on reaching sexual maturity. All Sissith males are prevented from leaving Sissith colonies. Males and females are only allowed to co-mingle on specially designated “spawning planets” at carefully controlled intervals. Of course, this means that all Sissiths serving with Star Patrol and other Federation services are female.


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