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Starblazer Legends

SPC Nimbus in The Shakedown Cruise Blues

On her maiden voyage, the Nimbus gave her crew almost more than they could handle. On the first day out, the artificial gravity systems went negative and the crew had to operate the vessel from the ceiling. Then the food dispensers flooded the ward room with strawberry milkshakes and the cutter’s lights started flickering on and off in a pattern that spelled the Nimbus’s designer’s name in Morse code. Finally the hyperdrive engaged while Nimbus was still in orbit and the ship came out of warp in the Disputed Zone and on a collision course with a Mektronic Assault Crusier. Eventually, the wayward cutter was brought under control and the captain and crew were commended for their initiative in preventing a Mektronic invasion of Federation space. However, spacers can be a superstitious lot and the smell of strawberry syrup has never been washed out of the ward room upholstery.

Aspect Gained:

  • Unluckiest ship in Star Patrol

SPC Nimbus in Gearbox’s Greatest Effort

After the Nimbus’ first (& unsettling) voyage, her first proper crew took over. The engineer in that outfit went by the name of Jax Gearbox. This disgruntled engineer was never satisfied by the standard configurations of Federation vessels. He was fired from several crews for making non-standard modifications. It wasn’t until he found himself onboard the Nimbus that his wrench got a propper workout. He customized, reverse engineered, & otherwise FUBAR’d the poor virgin Cutter until her insides worked nothing like they did when she rolled off the factory line. Unfortunately, Gearbox was killed immediately after finishing his masterpiece by a rampaging mechanical space-bull on Pamplona IX. To this day, nobody is quite sure what the young Nimbus is capable of & nobody is quite sure how to pull off even mundane tasks. Frankly, nobody has the guts to find out.

Aspect Gained:

  • Infinitely Customized

SPC Nimbus

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