Telana Vongstrum

Eager young Space Ranger


Career: Military (Space Ranger)
Orgnazation: Star Patrol
Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
Assignment: SPC Nimbus
Position: Executive Officer
Species: Alairan
Gender: Female



Telana Vongstrum, Marchioness of the Third Satellite of Ramus Delta, is the second child of an Alairan noble house of ancient lineage. She was born and raised on Cityship Exodus where she was groomed to follow the family tradition of military service. Telana entered the Star Defense Academy at the age of twelve. Upon completing Academy training, Midshipman Vongstrum earned the highest scores recorded on the graduation exams in the last fifty years. Her scores were high enough to gain her a posting to the service of her choice. Much to her parents’ chagrin, Telana chose to join Star Patrol instead of the much more prestigious Starfleet.

Aspects Gained:

  • Can’t resist a challenge
  • We were in space when you were just stacking rocks

Starblazer Legend

Telana Vongstrum vs. the Space Slavers

Ensign Telana Vongstrum, eager to prove herself as a Space Ranger, leads a mission investigating a distress call from Belaire V. Soon she discovers that the children of the planet are being stolen by slavers. Can she find the children and return them to safety?

Aspects Gained:

  • I hate slavers!
  • Don’t worry, I’m a Space Ranger

Guest Starring:
Randy When a rookie Space Ranger with few social skills starts asking probing questions in a seedy spacer bar, trouble is bound to happen. Luckily, Randy was around to more than even the odds.

Ahriman A suspicious alien with inside information on the slavers’ operations. He’s surprisingly forthcoming with the evidence that lets Telana put a stop to the slave trade on Belaire V. Completely unaware of Ahriman’s true motives for helping Star Patrol, Telana endorses his enlistment in the Space Rangers.

Aspects Gained:

  • Randy’s got my back
  • Gullible

Also Appeared In

Max Warp and the Mega Space Hydra of Zargon VI

Telana was a junior officer in the team Max Warp lead to fight the Mega Space Hydra. Thanks to Telana’s scientific expertise, the team determined the Mega Space Hydra was a being phased in from another dimension. Lieutenant Warp used this knowledge to defeat the creature with a Transdimensional Phase Integrator. The last thing Telana remembers of Max’s “After Action Victory Party” was the team leader asking, “Have you experienced the old Earth custom of tequila shots, Ensign?”

Aspect Gained:

  • Avoid Max’s parties

Ahriman and the Mole Men at Malgenack Mountain

The mysterious jellyfish alien Ahriman crosses Telana’s path once again. This time he is the sole survivor of an ambush at Malgenack Mountain. Star Patrol needs to get to the bottom of the incident and calls in Telana to investigate discrepancies between Ahriman’s tale and automated log entries in his ship’s computer. Once again, Telana trusts the alien’s outlandish explanations and finds barely enough evidence to keep his record clean.

Aspect Gained:

  • Why does everyone suspect Ahriman?

Telana Vongstrum

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